Friday, July 6, 2012

The cause of body odor

The cause of body odor - Body odor appears when the body produce sweat. This is due to the sweat glands found in skin pores. The more the body to produce fluid, then the resulting sweat too much.

Excessive perspiration can some times make uncomfortable activity. Odor also makes us less confident. No wonder, if many companies that sell deodaran and fragrances to tackle these problems.

Source of body odor is affected by several causes, including:

Lack of nutritious foods in the diet will cause body odor. If you are a lover of spicy and greasy food, you will have a very strong body odor. Red meat, spices and garlic can also cause bad body odor.
Underarm hair
If you never clean the armpit, you'll spread bad odor. Axilla has a number of glands apokrin (Sweat glands) is quite a lot. Try to shave and wash it regularly to kill bacteria and eliminate body odor.
Pressure or Stress
High pressure also trigger excessive sweating. When you feel tense or stressed, you will sweat more. Palms of the hands, legs and body start to sweat, the smell was starting out. When you are tense, your body will also release cortisol (stress hormone). Cortisol serves to assist you in your fight against anxiety by increasing the amount of sweat production.
Body odor, feces or urine is a common problem often faced when having a slow metabolism system. Constipation and gastric problems can increase body odor. When you suffer from digestive problems, the body will release toxins that cause odor.

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