Friday, July 6, 2012

The cause of body odor

The cause of body odor - Body odor appears when the body produce sweat. This is due to the sweat glands found in skin pores. The more the body to produce fluid, then the resulting sweat too much.

Excessive perspiration can some times make uncomfortable activity. Odor also makes us less confident. No wonder, if many companies that sell deodaran and fragrances to tackle these problems.

Source of body odor is affected by several causes, including:

Lack of nutritious foods in the diet will cause body odor. If you are a lover of spicy and greasy food, you will have a very strong body odor. Red meat, spices and garlic can also cause bad body odor.
Underarm hair
If you never clean the armpit, you'll spread bad odor. Axilla has a number of glands apokrin (Sweat glands) is quite a lot. Try to shave and wash it regularly to kill bacteria and eliminate body odor.
Pressure or Stress
High pressure also trigger excessive sweating. When you feel tense or stressed, you will sweat more. Palms of the hands, legs and body start to sweat, the smell was starting out. When you are tense, your body will also release cortisol (stress hormone). Cortisol serves to assist you in your fight against anxiety by increasing the amount of sweat production.
Body odor, feces or urine is a common problem often faced when having a slow metabolism system. Constipation and gastric problems can increase body odor. When you suffer from digestive problems, the body will release toxins that cause odor.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Madiun is city where I was born

Madiun is a city where I was born - Before I tell you the beauty of Indonesia away, then it would be nice if I tell you about the town where I was born. City of Madiun, is a city in East Java province, Indonesia. The city is located 169 km south of Surabaya, or 114 km east of Surakarta.

In the city center there are the railway industry (INKA). Madiun is known to have Iswahyudi airfield, which is one of the main air force base, although it is located in Magetan. Madiun has the nickname City Girls, City of Brem, Student City, the City railroad, Pecel City, City of Culture, City of Literature, and the Small Industrial City.

City of Madiun has a city tourist spots are quite beautiful. These include the following:

Slampir Waterfall

Holidays in the Village Seweru Madiun, Village Kare, Kare District, at the Coffee Plantation Kandangan, about 15 km from the city of Madiun on the slopes of Mount Wilis, who reportedly is still a virgin. more details read on:

Hwie Ing Kiong Temple Madiun

Where the "city tour" in Madiun next is Hwie Ing Kiong Temple is located on the road HOS Cokroaminoto No.69, which was built in 1887 and completed in 1897, hosted by Ma Co Po Thian Siang Boo Seng.

Ancient Great Mosque Taman

Ancient Great Mosque Taman is located in the District Taman, which was built in 1754 by Kiai Ageng Misbach. Originally named Masjid Donopuro, joglo roofed with three doors, there is the tomb of the Regent Madiun.

Old Mosque Kuncen Madiun

Old Mosque Kuncen" located at the road Masjid Raya, Kuncen village, where in the mosque complex contained the tomb of the founder of this city of Madiun.

Monument Kesek Madiun

Kesek monument located in the land area of 2 ha, approximately 8 km to the east of the City of Madiun, told the rebel Communist Party of malignancy in 1948. There is a pavilion, a garden of rare plants and parking area.

Historical relics of the kingdom of Majapahit

Heritage Majapahit kingdom was located in the village Nglambangan, Wungu, 8 km from the City of Madiun. The Heritage of Majapahit in nglambangan vilage is Pura Lambangsari, Home grandparent Kromodiwiryo, Watu dakon, Punden lambing kuning, etc..


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Slampir Waterfall, The Still Pure Natural Beauty

Waterfall Seweru or Serondo or Kedung Malam, that's another name from the Falls Slampir Madiun - East Java.

Accordance with the number designations are given on this waterfall, this waterfall also save a million exotic charm. It is located in the coffee plantations, Dusun Seweru, Village Kare, district.Kare, Kab. Madiun, East Java. The distance is about 25 miles from downtown Madiun, on the slopes of Mount Wilis to an altitude of 400 m above sea level.

To reach the location, needs a bit of hard work. Condition of streets in the village of Kare many have not yet paved and full of steep grades. Private car or public transportation more often seen across the region. Only bicycles or motorcycles that can be freely through the cobbled-stone streets. Along the way to the waterfall, you will be treated to a panoramic view that is not to be missed from the green trees on the left and right of way.

The Waterfalls Slampir Madiun is not yet commercially managed by the district government of Madiun. Arriving in the village where the waterfalls are, you just need to leave the vehicle you use to local residents and began to walk down the hill as far as 1 km. There has been no admission or withdrawal of levy of development at the entrance to the trail to the waterfall

Path from the entrance or the parking of vehicles heading to the falls a bit vulnerable. Conditions are cramped, a little slick, a little steep, and many are not using so that direct contact with the steeply sloping hills. For nature lovers who like adventure, this place is a great event for practicing hiking and exploration.

Once down the hills with walking trails that can only be reached on foot, there is a river you must also trace. The river water is too deep and the current is not strong. However, you must be careful with the many rocks that lie around the river. Boulders and solid between the river's natural, it will make you grow challenging journey.

Slampir Waterfall is located behind a cliff with two waterfalls flow are located facing each other. The water was clear and cold. Existing shade trees on either side of the river mouth and cliffs, making the atmosphere at the waterfall site is pretty cool and shady. On a hot day too, will feel like the morning there.


Given the location is still difficult to achieve and the situation is still very virgin, chances are there is no public transportation (car) that could serve the route up to the waterfall. From downtown Madiun, you should ride a motorcycle, take the road towards Dungus - Wungu - then headed Kare - Seweru (Slampir).

Do not be shy to ask people around if you are in doubt or not sure of the path you are passing because there are no directions are clear enough to guide the way around your trip to the correct destination. If any, only one of two directions are less clear and legible because many are not wellmaintained. Residents along the way to Niagara Slampir Madiun is quite friendly and really know the fastest way to the waterfall.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TEMPLE Cetho - Search for clearness Heart at the height of 1400 m

Unlike the other temples, the Hindu temple seemed mysterious and very strong spiritual aura. In addition to promising tranquility and beauty of the scenery, a trip to the Temple Cetho is a challenging test of bravery and courage of its own.

In the Java language, Cetho means obvious or clear. Situated at an altitude of 1400 meters on the slopes of Mount Lawu, which lies precisely in the "village Cetho", District Jenawi Karanganyar. Cetho temple can only be achieved through a narrow asphalt road, climbed the steep and winding. Anxiety and fear will pay off when I got in the temple complex. The cool mountain air and beautiful scenery will be a loyal friend to explore the Temple Cetho.

Towering arch gracefully under the sky will instantly bring memories of the arches on the island, Bali. Two statues guard shaped like a prehistoric statue stood in silence beneath. This landtemple area of extending to a staircase and built at the end of the Majapahit Empire power under the rule of King Brawijaya V.

In one of its core there is arrangement of stones with the sun-shaped sculpture that reflects the Sun Majapahit, the symbol of the Majapahit Kingdom. This temple was first discovered in the ruins of stone with 14 core rise. However, now the only remaining 13 core, 9 of them have been restored.

As a place to worship God Shiva, this temple is decorated with a statue of a phallus symbol of Siwa. There are also statues Brawijaya V and counsel and phallus-shaped stone and Yoni measuring two meters. Trapezoid-shaped main building are at the core top.

Until now Cetho Temple is still used by locals as a place of worship. They lay offerings at the statues and then climbed to the highest terrace for religious rituals. Fragrant flowers and incense offerings, coupled with frequent fog that blanketed the area down to give the impression of a mystical temple.

Temple Cetho be the perfect place for the traveler looking for clarity liver. Watch locals perform religious rituals at this temple will be a special experience.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sukuh - Erotic Temple Are Not Many Known

Sukuh - Erotic temple are not many known - Unlike the Khajuraho temple in India that was worldwide, Sukuh is not yet widely known. Never mind you, there are many people Jogja that do not know of the existence of this temple. Perhaps because of its remote location on the slopes of Mount Lawu at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level.

From Terminal Tirtonadi Solo, We can ride the public bus majors "Solo-Tawangmangu" and get off at Karang Pandan, followed by minibus majors Kemuning and connected with a motorcycle taxi (the local term called " ojek " ) to the temple area. If bringing your own vehicle, it is advisable to use diesel-powered cars of 2000 cc or more to ease the journey through some steep grades.

The temple complex is not as extensive. Occupying a plot of land terraces, the main gate Sukuh not positioned in the middle but on the right front. Right and left sides are decorated with some relief. A stone staircase that is high enough to bring us into the alley gate.

To rise to the second terrace, we have to go down again and went around through the right side. From the second terrace then clearly visible in the form of relief this gate. One is a picture of an eagle clutching the legs of a dragon. What is surprising is the relief of some human figures in a state of plain, without any clothes at all!
Something that is quite astonishing when considering the eastern culture is very strong with moral norms

Compounded when considering
that this is a temple, an identical
building as a place of prayers and
worship of the god. Peered into
the alley gate, offering flowers
and incense on the floor, near a relief in the form of linga and
yoni circle of the chain.

Closer to the main temple on the third terrace, stands a waist-
high stone platform of adults on
the left. There is a stone tower
on the front of the stage, again
decorated with erotic reliefs of nude figures. One side of the tower bearing the image of a horseshoe-shaped relief with two human figures in it. By most people, relief is believed to depict a woman's uterus with the left figure represents the evil and the right figure represents virtue. An ancillary temples stand in front of the main temple. Rotate to the right, stands the figure of the
statue (statue Gupala) without a head. Gupala holds the "spear" is
too large compared to its body
size, not proportional. Wow!

One more interesting than Sukuh is a different architecture. If the other temples built in the shape that symbolizes Mount Meru, the Sukuh has a very simple with a trapezoidal shape.

Built in the XV century, shortly before the collapse of the Majapahit Empire, the temple is more like the pyramids of the Maya tribes of Central America. Can two different ethnic groups from two different continents can make buildings with architectural and design are almost similar? Or indeed any influence in the development of Mayan Sukuh in the reign of King Brawijaya this?

Various theories and allegations emerged. One of them said that this temple was built in the days when Hindu glory began to fade. As a result, development Sukuh made with the concept back to the prehistoric megalithic culture. Another theory states that the form of this temple is part of the quest story Tirta Amerta (the water of life) is contained in the book Adiparwa, the first book of the Mahabharata. A truncated pyramid whose top represents the peak of Mount Mandaragiri cut and used for churning the ocean to find Tirta Amerta who can give eternal life to anyone who drank it.

The mysteries and questions are still covered Sukuh. Not just a walk in the cool mountain slopes while enjoying the ancient architecture of the last temples built in Java. Trail around looking for stories and pieces of evidence to uncover the mysteries of the past history will be one of the tourist experience challenging and fun.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Lawu A Million Charms Of The Island Of Java

Lawu mountain is a mountain located on the border Magetan, East Java and Karanganyar, Central Java. Status of this mountain is a mountain of fire "breaks" and has not been active, visible from the dense vegetation and eroded its peak. On the slopes there is a small crater still steaming water (fumaroles) and sulfur (solfatara). Lawu hill have dipterocarp forests, dipterocarp forests Upper Montane forest, and forest Ericaceous.

Lawu mountain has three peaks, peak Hargo Dalem, Hargo Dumiling and Hargo Dumilah. The latter is the highest peak.

Lawu a tourist mountain charm million, in addition to Sarangan lake, there are also some other popular places as a tourist destination, especially in the Tawangmangu, Cemorosewu, and Sarangan. Slightly downward, on the west side there are two complex enshrinement of the late Majapahit: Sukuh and Temple Cetho. At the foot of the mountain is also located a relative's funeral complex Praja Mangkunagaran: Astana Girilayu and Astana Mangadeg. This complex is located near Astana Giribangun, mausoleum for the family of Indonesia's second president, Suharto.

besides that, mountain climbing Lawu have special appeal. Especially on the 1st Muharram (Islamic calendar) or1st suro (Javanese calendar). Because at that time many locals make the pilgrimage rites at the top Lawu. Due to the popularity of mountain top Lawu we will find food stalls

Route to the summit of Mount Lawu to tour there are two paths, namely: path cemoro sewu ( Central Java ) and cemoro kandang (East Java). And a separate entrance are both just 200 meters

Ascent of Cemorosewu through two springs, which:

Spring (Pool) Panguripan
located between Cemoro sewu and camp 1
Spring Drajat
lies between camp 4 and camp 5.

Climbing through Cemorokandang will pass through 5 selter with a relative path was well ordered.

Climbing through cemorosewu will pass through 5 camp. Pathway through Cemorosewu steeper. But if we pass this point we will reach the top faster than via the Cemorokandang. Climbing through Cemorosewu went rather well ordered. The road made of rocks that have been laid.

Cemorosewu near the entrance of a building such as a mosque there may appear to be grave. To climb through Cemorosewu (for beginners) do not climb in the day because of heavy fields for beginners



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lowo Cave Tour

Cave Lowo the people Ponorogo and Trenggalek call."Cave Lowo" or if translated into English bat cave, a cave is the largest in southeast asia. The cave is called Lowo because inhabited by many bats. Bats that live in this cave is free and does notinterfere with the local community.

The cave is located in the border districts Ponorogo and Trenggalek, or rather at the border village of Watuagung District Trenggalek and the village Sampung district Ponorogo. And it is a tourist icon for the two districts. So that the accommodation to the "cave Lowo" fairly complete.

.The people are friendly, secure location makes visiting the cave Lowo fun. Well what are you waiting?